Being alone forever is your worst case scenario...

You're terrified love won't happen for you...

You’re at your wit’s end...

You’ve done everything you know how to do to find love but it still eludes you...

All you can think about is what you’re missing out on...

You just wish you could stop wanting it so much...

Living without love makes you stark raving mad with insecurity, doubt, depression, and questions…the damn questions…


What if my soulmate is out there, but we never find each other?

Will I ever have kids and a real family?

What if I end up a lonely, old cat lady?

Am I going to die alone?

What the hell is wrong with men?


I’m Elle Alexander— author of the Painfully Single Boot Camp and a Life & Love Transformational Coach who specializes in helping Painfully Single women just like you break free of the crippling Painfully Single mindset, crush your hidden fears and blocks, then stretch and support you as you work the plan leading you to your dream life.

Like the other areas of your life such as finances, career, health, and lifestyle, your love life takes effort to make it the best it can be. 

You have to create the conditions for love to come along.

I thought my guy would happen along no matter what I did or didn’t do. I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong I was.

It takes work! I know, that's not the romantic thing to say, it's not the vision of love at first sight we've been spoon fed, but it's true.

Are you ready to finally, finally go after the life and love you've always dreamed of with a clear, powerful vision and an open, fearless heart?

 I will help you:

Learn Pain-to-Peace techniques to recognize and handle difficult singles’ emotions like a boss. (Stop those trauma triggers in their tracks!)

Regain your trust in love and men. (No, it's not impossible...)

Deal with your health and appearance insecurities once and for all. (Yes indeedy, we all have them.)

Redesign your “offer” to put your best foot forward one step at a time. (See what I did there?)

Clarify who you want so you're in no danger of settling. (Imagine a non-I-love-the-first-guy-who's-nice-to-me attitude!)

Take your life off hold and get out there and find this guy already!


It's time to transform your life and love.

It’s time to become the woman you’re meant to be.

It's time to create a life you’re thrilled to live and proud to share.

It is my deepest desire to help you help yourself find the love of your life and in the process know a happiness and deep peace with yourself you’ve never had before. From the bottom of my heart, I want this for you, and I believe we can do it together.

All the best,

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Single doesn't have to suck. No, really! Introducing Painfully Single Boot Camp, a groundbreaking, self-study manual for the Painfully Single Woman who wants to learn how to be single without losing her damn mind! Dump the depression, lose the obsession, and take back your life.

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