… getting a wedding invitation in the mail without thinking, “Great. Another f*#&ing wedding.”

… staying in yet another night alone but without feeling like a lonely loser

… spending the holidays with family without dreading the inevitable, “So when are you getting married?”


Hi! I’m Elle Alexander

...and I show Painfully Single women like you who are struggling with the stress, loneliness, and uncertainty of being alone when you don’t want to be how to dump the depression, lose the obsession, and take back your Personal Power.

I’m not your typical singles expert. I don’t know much about dating or tricks and tips to “catch” a man or even being in love for that matter.

Most people would say I have no business giving relationship or dating advice and I really agree – fortunately, that’s not the kind of expert I am.

I’m an expert in being Painfully Single.

I’m an expert because I’ve been there, done the drama, got the trauma.

I’m an expert because I was Painfully Single for decades and made it through to the other side.

Though I’m still single, I’m not Painfully Single anymore and I can show you how to overcome Painfully Single as well.

Wow! This was an absolute blast to read. The writing is easy and refreshing, and made me laugh out loud more than once.

- Lauren Y.

"Painfully Single Boot Camp is delightfully witty and immensely relatable for anyone that is, or has ever been, painfully single. "

~ Madeline U.

"I didn’t expect to connect to this book as much as I thought I would! You nailed the definition of 'Painfully Single'."

~ Carrie E.

If You Are Painfully Single and…

  • …feel like no one understands how hard it is for you

  • …hate feeling like you're a burden on your coupled friends

  • …scared to death you’ll never find someone to love

  • …watching all your married friends drift away from you

  • …tired of feeling sad, depressed, and worthless all the time

  • ...know your self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence are in the toilet

…you are in the right place!


The Surviving Single Boot Camps aren't (necessarily) about meeting someone... though they will skyrocket your chances...

The Surviving Single Boot Camps are about...

  • to be alone...until you're not! 

  • ...truly understanding how you tick 

  • to harness your Personal Power

  • to stop putting your life on hold

  • to build a life you'll be proud to share

  • to be ready for love when it does come along!

Every day you spend lonely, depressed, and playing small is another day you’ll wish you had back at the end of your life.

There’s no time to waste!

"This book is excellent, and it has changed me. It is an operating manual for women to help them understand their biology and their brains."

- Barb B.

"Elle is like a best friend whose advice you know you should take, but only if you're ready to work through your pain and not around it."

~ Marsha C.

The author has some great knowledge and advice for Painfully Single women and good techniques for life in general. 

~ Sam R. 

 Let me show you...

  • to take the sting out of triggers like baby showers or engagements

  • to keep married friends from drifting away

  • to handle involuntary celibacy and lack of intimacy

  • to enjoy your life regardless of your relationship status

  • to take your Personal Power back from the Painfully Single mindset sucking the life out of your life!


I put YEARS of experience and study into these programs. After being Painfully Single for decades and finally breaking free, I made it my mission to help as many people as I can. This is the result – the programs I think would have helped me back then.


I understand...

  • it feels to get your hopes up only to crash and burn

  • ...the soul-sucking pain of spending holiday after holiday, birthday after birthday, year after year alone

  • it feels to be let down by programs promising you soulmates and champagne, only to wind up feeling more alone than ever

  • it feels to wonder if you'll ever meet the One

  • it feels to wonder, "What's wrong with me?"

I get it. Boy, do I get it...and I think I can help.


If you give the Surviving Single Boot Camps a chance – a real chance – by using the techniques and practicing what you’ve learned, you will feel better. You will start moving from Pain to Peace. That is my promise to you.


I’m glad you’re here!

*available now*

Introducing Painfully Single Boot Camp, a groundbreaking, self-study manual for the Painfully Single Woman who wants to learn how to be single without losing her damn mind! Dump the depression, lose the obsession, and take back your life.

Read more about the Painfully Single Boot Camp or contact me at


*available now*

The Ready to Love? Boot Camp is the follow up program to Painfully Single Boot Camp. Painfully Single can do a real number on your confidence, trust in love, and self-esteem. Discover and crush the hidden blocks that may be keeping you from letting love in with a fearless heart! Take the complimentary Discovery Session to get started on your journey to clarity.


*coming 2018*

The Powerfully Single Boot Camp continues the journey to full independence, Personal Power, and freedom.

If you have something specific you'd like to hear more about, please send your suggestions directly to me at

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