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Wow! This was an absolute blast to read. The writing is easy and refreshing, and made me laugh out loud more than once.

- Lauren Y.

"Painfully Single Boot Camp is delightfully witty and immensely relatable for anyone that is, or has ever been, painfully single. "

~ Madeline U.

"I didn’t expect to connect to this book as much as I thought I would! You nailed the definition of 'Painfully Single'."

~ Carrie E.


… getting a wedding invitation in the mail without thinking, “Great. Another f*#&ing wedding.”

… staying in yet another night alone but without feeling like a lonely loser

… spending the holidays with family without dreading the inevitable, “So when are you getting married?”


If You Are Painfully Single and…

  • …feel like no one understands how hard it is for you

  • …hate feeling like you're a burden on your coupled friends

  • …scared to death you’ll never find someone to love

  • …watching all your married friends drift away from you

  • …tired of feeling sad, depressed, and worthless all the time

  • ...know your self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence are in the toilet

…you need this book!


"I like the way the author speaks to the reader directly. Also, it’s written in such a way that it will hit home with millennials as well as people my age (I’m 54). It uses real language like women would use talking to each other, profanity and all."

~ Barb B.

"You've really gotten to the heart of the issue and the emotions that we go through. I was pleasantly surprised to find the content to be very thoroughly researched and very well explained. I found no fluff and no talking down to the reader, which can be common in this genre."

- Susan R.

"The style of writing is really fun and conversational, but also informative. I was expecting a single-lady, discover yourself type of book, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't that at all."

~ Courtney P. 

Finally…a book for the Painfully Single woman from someone who’s been there.  

Hi, I'm Elle Alexander - a lifelong single and Painfully Single expert. After finally breaking free of the Painfully Single mindset, I made it my mission to help others break free of the pain, loneliness, anger and serious depression that comes with being Painfully Single as well. 

Let me show you...

  • to take the sting out of triggers like baby showers or engagements

  • to keep married friends from drifting away

  • to handle involuntary celibacy and lack of intimacy

  • to enjoy your life regardless of your relationship status

  • to take your Personal Power back from the Painfully Single mindset sucking the life out of your life!

  • to be alone…until you’re not

  • ...six proven Pain to Peace techniques to ease intense emotions

  • ...why you’re Painfully Single when other singles are not

  • ...what it really means to be confident & irresistible

  • ...what you need to know about single motherhood

  • hacks for the Painfully Single

  • to keep coupled friends from drifting out of your life

and so much more!


"This book is excellent, and it has changed me. It is an operating manual for women to help them understand their biology and their brains."

- Barb B.

"Elle is like a best friend whose advice you know you should take, but only if you're ready to work through your pain and not around it."

~ Marsha C.

The author has some great knowledge and advice for Painfully Single women and good techniques for life in general. 

~ Sam R. 

I put YEARS of experience and study into these programs. After being Painfully Single for decades and finally breaking free, I made it my mission to help as many people as I can. This is the result – the program I think would have helped me back then.

You can’t afford to wait until you’re in a relationship to be happy. Dump the depression, lose the obsession, and take back your life! If you give the Painfully Single Boot Camp a chance – a real chance – by using the techniques and practicing what you’ve learned, you will feel better. You will start moving from Pain to Peace. That is my promise to you.


I’m glad you’re here!

She revealed her secrets and toughest times in a comical and relatable voice. I was pleasantly surprised!

~ Jacqueline T.

"I really enjoyed your bluntness. I think any painfully single person doesn't want surface ego boosts or to beat around the bush. They want to address the reality of that perpetual feeling of rejection."

~ Kellyn G.

Wonderful and completely refreshing in both honesty and writing, this book is sure to be of help to anyone in search of it. I would recommend this to everyone."

 - Lauren Y.

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